ok the rest of it is kind of cheesy but here it is for future reference

So I am asking you this… what are you giving your dream up for? Is it as important as the many times you told me that you wanted to let people live a little longer so they could still say ‘I love you’  to their family or go to their daughter’s dance recital or simply live? Is it as important as the many people who stood by you, never gave up on you and tirelessly built the stairs that you now climb to reach your dream? Is throwing away your dream not as hard as regretting? Because love, you fought for this. You went through four years of hell so you could finally go into medical school… so you could finally save lives – even if you hadn’t got the chance to save that one person you so badly wanted in your life.  Just right now, you are already a physician. You may not have the license and you may still not have graduated but you already are a doctor. Because I saw how selfless you are. How you messed up your life so others could live. You say you feel stupid, that it feels like you don’t fit in medical school, that people are smart there, that you feel that you don’t have the magic hands that can cure. But that is not what I see and most importantly, you are not alone! Many people feel this way… not only in medical school, but in the game of life. So trust me when I tell you that you can get through this. That all your hard work will someday pay off. You are smart. I see it every time you read a line again and again because you try to understand it. I see it every time you fail because you don’t cheat yourself out of it – you want to learn things the best way, not only for yourself but for your future patients. And that in itself is an essence of a true genius. So please start trusting yourself because someday, people will come knocking on your door because they trust you with their lives. Don’t give up. You didn’t come this far just to get the hell out of it. Nothing is as huge as the times your heart started to cave in because you craved for this dream.

And so, to finally answer your question, no… not all the stars in the night sky are dead. They say that stars can live up to million years. So maybe when you look up the sky, you see stars that have seen more than the years you have lived. They have seen many people who don’t walk on this earth anymore. And now they are going to see you live. Let these stars be your dream… that despite the many times the universe might have failed them – they still shine. But then again, I know you. And you will in some way find another loophole. So I’ll stay ahead of you and recall that you did say that not all things that shine are alive. But you’re a doctor remember? Save them.

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