early in college

1. i kept hearing from a select group of ppl the same advice: i should invest in a few close friendships and i felt guilty abt wishing for more quantity & variety, less quality friendships. this was supplemented with a lot of cherry-picked Bible verses that told me to closely care for my spiritual brothers and sisters (“us”) and see everyone else as “them”

2. i felt uncomfortable when i met new ppl and “spread too thin”, so i went back to simplifying, cutting back on the number of ppl in my life. now i wish i had known that being spread thin is a part of growing up and out into the greater community that is relatively painless as soon as one stops judging herself.

3. it was very confining but i did bring it upon myself

4. ok but truly, to answer that question, i don’t have any ragrets bc i did meet the right ppl and learned valuable lessons that i’m sure–whether i take note of it or not– have paid off in the past and will pay off in the future.

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