the 20%

…but then i entertained the idea, made a mental list of all the people from “i just met you” to “best friend”, from “gave me bad vibes” to “claimed only i was responsible for her suffering”…and i think the numbers did line up.

then i felt really free and at peace, and that’s because

1) Invisibilia: The Power of Categories  “From the moment of our very first breath, we become part of a category: Male, Female, infant, daughter, son, etc.  This seemingly simple concept of classifying our surroundings into manageable groups with shared characteristics affects us to a much greater extent than we are aware of on a daily basis. The use of categories in defining our surroundings is essential to our understanding of those surroundings and is inseparable from our experience.” 

“I feel that no one can argue that there is comfort in “being among your own.” There is comfort in being a part of a group or category, in which you know the rules and characteristics and feel innately a part of.”

i could handle and maneuver this newly categorized facet of my life

2) the 20% will live on without me, and the 80% of the people in my life deserve better anyway

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